Bug Kodular can't distinguish Pictures

I checked out Bugs in Kodular Eagle before creating a new topic

Describe your issue

Event triggers when I click to save users profile, it should upload a logo first and when the upload is completed it should upload the user profile picture.
The issue is that in Firebase I’m receiving the same picture, even tough they are different on my app.

Steps to reproduce the issue

Click button

Expected Behaviour

Upload two different images

Actual Behaviour

Uploading two equal images

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Android version


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We don’t offer a Firebase Storage component. Please contact the developer of the extension you’re using for support and help with bugs.

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I’m reopening this topic because I’ve noted that this is a Kodular bug indeed.
I know that now because I’m using the same method but using now the PicToDrive extension (Pictodrive Extension | By Ct tricks & Techy Bro) and it still uploading the same image.
The blocks can’t distinguish this ImgLogoOficina.Picture BUG2 from this ImgFotoUser.Picture BUG3

View from Drive:

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I really would appreciate if somebody could gimme a hand on it, my development it’s stuck at this bug.

because you do not provide a aia test, by reproducing the problem, it is easier for the community to help

I can’t do that because this is a private project, but the relevant blocks to reproduce the issue are attached.
(It’s very unusual to ask aia to give any support)

Is this what you’re looking for, perhaps?

Not at all Vishwas…
The first Picture it’s a Logo and the second Picture it’s a User Photo, they are different pictures and they are displayed at each Image component.
When I click save button it sends those Pictures to the cloud, I’ve tried Firebase and Google Drive so far, but somehow, Kodular can’t distinguish this “.Picture” image from this “.Picture” image

I can’t explain better than this :sweat_smile:

use Do it to debug your blocks and provide another screenshot including Do it results
see tip4 about how to use Do it App Inventor: How to Learn | Pura Vida Apps


There is no way for us to validate that ImgLogoOficina.Picture and ImgFotoUser.Picture are indeed different. Where do those pictures come from? What is the process that actually populated the content and assigned the image to those variables?
At this point, insisting that there is a bug but not showing whatever other blocks there are that may access or assign a value to those variables – let alone the entirety of the code including the interface – is akin to calling a doctor and stating that you are sick, but refusing to show up at the medical clinic for examination.

If you consider your project private, haw about you make a different project, one that is much more limited in scope – that is, one that ONLY access and process those images, but still displays the “bug” – and sharing that instead, so we at least have something to look at?


This is probably the most important - and unfortunately ignored - advice to find issues, mistakes and solutions.

I really don’t know how often Taifun has already given this advice here or in the AI2 forum.


Test.aia (77.0 KB)

Just fill the Pictoimage Folder ID as the instructions on this link (Pictodrive Extension | By Ct tricks & Techy Bro), this aia is reproducing the error exactly as my project.

Companion can’t perform decent tests, Mika himself recommend to use emulators instead.
It’s painfull to have one app in my phone to perform just one “do it” in my blocks.
Connection via USB it’s off the table I guess, never managed to make it work (yes, I’ve followed all the tutorials)…

are you saying, you prefer to NOT use the debugging feature? how do you find your bugs? by asking in the forum? :laughing:




Yes, like almost everybody in this community.
I’ve just posted the aia file and we are still discussing it?
I’ll debug it with companion, just can’t do it now because the web I’m connected blocks the companion protocols.

Because you are using the same image

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