Button Clicked Limit

I have a question here, I am doing a Snooker Scoreboard. Now, I need to set the “Red Ball Button” enabled to false if button click reached 15 times. I set “Initialize global redBallCount to 0”, under “Red Ball Button” I put the blocks as below image. But still cannot run (I tried =, >, <, lower or equal, bigger or equal). Someone help me in this situation? (I didnt use Firebase to store RedBallCount because no need for this)


Anyone help???

Set the button in the designer to enabled = true
In your blocks then use >=

The problem still cannot solve :disappointed_relieved: Even I change to >=
Or have another ways to let the Red Ball Button to unable when reached 15 times clicked? Any ways

please provide a screenshot of your updated blocks and don’t forget to


Thanks, I saw my problem and solved it :grin:

Please provide a screenshot of the working solution