Greater and Less help me (Enabled Button)

Guys, i wish what button is available when the points are greater than 100.

And that it is not available when the points are less than 99.

How do i do it?image

I already did this but it doesn’t work.

Please note that the data is saved in firebase.

And put when window starts, if the number is less than 99 invisible button, if the number is greater than 99 visible, but it did not work either, I did it with the following block configuration

You might want to use a variable instead of a label like this


Trabajé pero cuando el valor cambia a más alto no aparece
el botón

I’m tired, I’ve been hours

You don’t need the second “Button1 visible block”. The first one will work just fine.

Try deleting the second one to see if it works.

It didn’t work for me , take a test yourself, maybe I’m doing something wrong.
Would you help me a lot

Did button text is number 1, 100 ,99 check for that it doesn’t contain string.
Second use if else If block for both situation not if else if else