Cache image viewflipper

Hello friends, I have in my app a view flipper with urls, which has a delay in loading the images, my question is if it is possible to cache the images so that they load faster, I tried using DevYBImageloader but I could not achieve it since at seem only works with dynamic component. Is there an alternative to this?

May you please Show us your blocks to what you are trying, So we can help you

This is an example of the last ones I tried, I tried various ways but failed to link the viewflipper with DevYBimageloader.

I think DevYB Image loader will work as long as your URL is same

First of all ViewFlipper is not an image component.
And secondly, image loading libraries cache images only when you load using them.It means that you loaded image using library and next time you directly set the url, this will not work.

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