Camera Component Update

Hi, I have a suggestion about the camera component.
when the user open the camera component in a kodular app the user can only take a picture using the camera, which is no doubt the main reason why this component is used.
But now on Android we have the option too see and choose pictures from the gallery when we open the camera through ohers apps like Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook etc.

My suggestion is: Create a block with the option to allow the user to access the gallery when the camera component is called.

Not sure if I explained myself well so here is an example on how it is now and how could be:

Many people may have taken a picture before and want to send it to the app. The app can give a choice of open the camera and pick an image from gallery so I know this is not the most important feature but I think it is a good idea and probably is easy to make it happen.

That is it! I hope you like the idea.

For some use cases I see that. For my use case, that would be a hinderance to the intended use, and a UX problem.

Perhaps a take photo with image picker as a combined option.

Right now you can set a long click on your button to take the photo and have it bind to the image picker.

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Right now you can set a long click on your button to take the photo and have it bind to the image picker.

Yes, there are many ways to make possible for the user take a picture or send a picture already existent. But Android default camera already allows what I said. It is just add an option on the camera1 . take picture method.
Or any other way the staff could choose.

But I aware it is not something very important. But I like to suggest improvements if I think they would make it better.

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Its a reasonable approach. BTW when I take a photo, no gallery shows up, Android 7 and Android 8.

What I really like is that you gave a reasonable approach, with the effort of your render. I think there is something there for sure.

I will love to watch this develop.

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It looks like WhatsApp’s camera ? Am I right ?

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No. Whatsapp made this Camera and Image Picker interface. Android has not this feature. Because I didn’t see this Whatsapp Camera UI anywhere except Whatsapp. So you need to build yourself.

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Whatsapp made this Camera and Image Picker interface

Damn you are right. I just tested it here and this only happen when taking pictures on whatsapp.
I was 100% sure it always happened when we opened the camera through another app.

Well, I guess it is possible to do something like that using Surface View Component but don’t know if it worth the work.

Thanks for clarifying this, man.