Possibility to include property in the CAMERA component

Hello KODULAR developers and administrators.
I have a suggestion for the CAMERA component. Would it be possible to add a property to select the camera application that we want to use in our application?
Example I have the original smartphone CAMERA, but adding a new camera application, when I am using my application, and I call COMPONENT CAMERA, I would like to be able to choose which of the two installed cameras I want to use. Example: “Package: com.google.android.GoogleCamera”.
This empty property calls the native camera, or the fill option with the application package I want to use.
My suggestion is that many times the native camera of a smartphone model presents a problem/incompatibility with my application, a simpler camera does not present a problem. In the past, when calling the CAMERA component, the option to choose which one we want to use appeared, currently this does not happen anymore.

Use the activity starter to start the other camera

Thanks for the suggestion, this works in parts, I can call the camera I want but I can’t get the image, can you guide me how to use the activity starter to save the image?

Try to get the last image from directory DCIM similar to this example