Camera issue with image component

Hello everyone. Im new to Kodular.
I have a problem with the camera and the images. What happens is that in my Moto Z2 Play, when I take the photo, it lets me show it in an image. But on a Samsung A6 Plus he takes the photo but does not show it. What can be caused this? I hope you can help me.

Thank you

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welcome to community, are you trying to use it in any application or just asking about your mobile?

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Hi. Thanks for answering. I was testing the app on my cell phone and my wife’s too. The strange thing is that in mine the image captured in the component is seen and not in hers.

On both phones, the images can be seen from the android file explorer.


(Or similar path…)

Sorry my english! Thanks!!!

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Android version?

Btw, If I’m going to guess, it has to do with permission



Hi Boban!

Moto Z2 Play with Android 8.0
Samsung A6 Plus with Android 9.0

All permissions are enabled.


Then it’s strange in that case


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Give this extension a try App Inventor Extensions: Camera | Pura Vida Apps


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Hi Boban! :relieved:

I have tested the application you mentioned and it works correctly on both devices. What can be the mistake then? Thank you

What about providing a screenshot of your relevant blocks?


Both devices have API > 22, so the same runtime permissions should be required.

Are you absolutely sure that WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE is granted on the Samsung device? (de- & reinstall the app). If so, I think it probably should be on the path to the pictures.

It should be:

Did you get any error message from the Ssmsung device? If so, post it and also
the relevant blocks, as Taifun said.

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Hi! No errors from the Samsung A6+! :joy:

Here my blocks. Thanks!!!

It is always a good advice (from Taifun) to post the relevant blocks, but it would be new to me that only this will solve a problem.


The strange thing is that the code is simple and works on one of the two devices … the extension that Boban mentioned works correctly on both devices. Thanks!

Samsung does not show errors on screen but still not working :cry:

Help please!

The image is still not displayed. What can happen? They are only 2 blocks and the image is captured and saved. But it doesn’t show it on Android 9, on Android 8 if it shows. :confused:

Could someone help me with something basic like this? Thank you

Post the AIA or a test AIA.

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Ok! Here my aia file

Chambiling.aia (13.4 KB)

Thank You

on a Galaxy Note8 (Android 9) it’s working (Companion & APK)

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Device name & Android verson?

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