Can i add ads in browser app

Hello ,
Can i add ads in browser apps.
Please tell me anyone

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Simple answer NO


No but you can add HTML5 games from gamezop. Its ecpm is 1$

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in 1 word:
in 13 words:
No, but I there is one way to do so which is legit.
in 3 lines:
If you can make your home-screen more than a web-browser. Like add few feature of pedometer , games and up to your own creativity. Inshort make it something more useful. Remember , don’t show ads on other’s website/content. That’s not a good thing to do.


As @Vedang said that also will work as a source of income form browser.
Or you can use affiliate links of e-commerce website and other sites.

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Amazon Prohibits using referrals in webview.

I don’t know much about their policies I just suggested.

suggesion only?

Explaining my suggestion…

I not mean use it in webview, you can use a site button and add a affiliate links there. And also create custom ads using it. If not in webviewer screen then in home screen and other screen.
For example if the browser has a QR code scanner features it can ba used in that screen and similar to other.

But I don’t recommend to use any kind of ads in a browser it’s not good for UI / UX

I meant this :

  1. must be free to download and all Amazon links must be accessible without paying for access;
  2. must have original content;
  3. must not emulate Amazon’s own shopping app functionality;
  4. must not have price tracking and/or price alerting functionality, unless approved in advance by Amazon in writing;
    5. must not host or render Amazon web pages in WebViews.

refer Associates Central - Associates Program Operating Agreement


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