Can I get a list of dynamic components created within a component?

Hi everyone.
Sorry if this question may have already been asked by someone, but I could not find it.
I would like a list of dynamic components, created within another component.
How can I get this information, without managing it manually?
Eg I create several dynamic labels within many arrangements, I would like the list of IDs of the labels contained in a given arrangement.

if without managing it manually it can be possible with a extension.

For now I solve it “manually” or I create a list of dynamic components with an ID structured in a certain way and I can know from code, scanning my list, which IDs are involved.
But I would like to have something more immediate, if it were possible.
Currently my solution is however simple and decisive. I enclose a small video of my experiment.

As i already said a extension solution is possible and code is really easy.

I guess, I unfortunately not so create extension. Are you proposing to make an extension that does what I ask?

try this CompCreator extension

There is Children and Parent block.


could you post the aix file here?
I have navigation restrictions that do not allow me to download from your site.
Thank you


Hi kevinkun i noticed that it would only be able to get children which is made through your extension and not with others

I also need this extension
@Kevinkun one is not working with arrangement created in designer

It is possible 1 thing is that idk if kodular is updated to latest ai2 cause if not it might not be possible in kodular.

Can you share that extension ?

I have not yet build it but yea it is possible i will build it as soon as possible.

Edit : Even rush does not have latest version :frowning:

I have tested to get children of arrange created in designer, but it has bugs, then i removed it.
maybe i need to work more on it.

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