Can i place facebook ads in this application?

Hello guys
I made a app for myself in which i use two screens one for login and another one for playing media and when i made that app then i made if for myself to watch videos with my friend and now i planed to publish this app on play store will my app get suspended if i use facebook ads in this app

Application link. OUR_MUSIC.apk (6.2 MB)

Every Ad networks are having it’s own rules and regulations. Along with that, you have to comply with rules of Google Play that states legal and illegal ad setups. If all is set, you’re good to go.

Note: I don’t know what type of contents you have in the app. Don’t publish any content that is illegal or prohibited to use.


My app doesnt have any illigal content it just play youtube videos in multiple devices

Like a person which host part , start any video and that video will play in other devices which join party by filling host’s email

Ya if you are using YouTube component & the video you played in that app is already monetized…
You cannot use ads in that particular screen where you use youTube component
but you can use ads in another screen… @Harpinder_Singh

okk thank you

means i can monetize in this app with just play videos in another screen without any ads in that screen

and i can use ads in another screens
am i right ?

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Ya you can use on another but not on that particular screen where you place & play the video