Ad placement info

Hey i have a app contains 4 screen. And all screen have 3 vertical arrangements so i visible and invisible on button click but every arrangements have a own features.
So my question is that how much ads i place in every arrangements
How much ads is not violated any policy of google and fb in one screen if i have many arrangements

Use only one ad per screen. It will be better. Or use it as common ad for all arrangements in single screen.

Hey i want to know that if i place two ads network in one screen is it illegal or violate any policy.
For ex : if i place a fb banner ad and interstitial but if they failed to load i visible on the startapp ads is it valid .

I merged your topics about ads since they are related. You have to watch out that you are not going to make an earning app since this is not allowed. Such an app will also not be approved to serve ads.

Ya i am not make any earning app . It is legit app based on quizes