Can I use Facebook interstitial ads with Clock, Against Google And Facebook Policy

Is It Safe and legal to show 1 Facebook interstitial ads Every 1 minute in app , Against Facebook Policies And Google (For Play Console) policies,

Please tell me Can This Is Safe for Both My Facebook Account And Google play console.

Your question shows that you have never read the facebook ad terms of use and else.
And by the way nobody in this world will use your app if you do it like this.


I’m sure there’ll be no discussion of that here. What do you do when one says “no problem” and the other says “your accounts are suspended”? There are reasons why Facebook and Google prohibit such practices. They also undermine my honest and correct behavior with my ads on Google, as the restrictions by people like you only get stricter until I need a lawyer to comply with the requirements.

So: I assume that your account will be banned pretty quickly if you publish earning apps. both on Facebook and Google.

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Hold on! If you know this is against Facebook policy, then why are you asking? :thinking: You can do nothing that goes against policy.