Can I use GPS in background?

Can I use gps in background? Now, after folding the application, the GPS is turned off.

currently you can’t use app in background if your app is running then you use gps

Unfortunately apps made with Kodular can not work in the background.
Wait for feature or use other method.

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Will this feature be implemented in the future? If yes, when about?

StopWatchCycleWithGps_Background.aia (6.8 KB)

It works! Please explain how you turn on the GPS in the background? I looked at AIA, but did not understand (

Hello dear
All the idea is about clock once you set clock always fair the clock work in background i but the web for add for each minute in blocks of clock

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There are many misconceptions about the term “background”. Background as used here in the last post means only that the app is not not visible (eg after pressing the home button), but not closed. Background (tasks) means that an app can also do somthing if the app is closed.

Kodular, AI2, Thunkable, AppBuilder, … can not run background tasks.

I think most of the users think ‘Background’ means app can run even it is not visible but also not closed.
No that is true.
‘Background’ means even you have not opened app but it can do its process and a popular example is Whatsapp.It notifies for a new message even you will not open it.In short it opens itself at startup or reboot.
Thank you @bodymindpower for clearing this common misconception.It is quite common among users.
And @asdc_allforone Kodular Developers have already said ( confirmed ) that apps made on Kodular can not run in background ( can not launch itself ).I am not demotivating you.I am just telling you truth.

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Thank you for your explanation. In my project, just such a functionality was needed.

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