Can i use true push for push notification

I want to use send notification to one particular user. Onesignal is paid for this.Anybody know TRUEPUSH is working or not?

As far as I know, Truepush only supports Web, WordPress and Shopify. it does not have any documentation for android push notifications

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why u are use particular noti.

You can segment your audiences using different parameters in Truepush. So, you can use that feature to send push notifications to subscribers.

You can even do that in OneSignal.
Have you tried it?

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This option is paid

I make a app for my workshop
There is two options for use app
Worker or owner
I use push notifications block for when a worker enter data send notification.
But this is send to all app user.
I need when any worker enter data , notification only send to owner mobile

Any examples

It depends on how many segments you need.
You can have 6 segments and 10 tags in the free plan.

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