How can i send Push Notifications only to specifics users?

I’m creating an app to manage the results of every category in my sport club.
I have to send a push notification (when i click the button from the admin panel) only to the users who have activated notifications for a certain category… how can i do it?

Use segments in the one signal or select the users

You can do it with using One signal push notification.

Know more about one signal:


No, if you set the switch on “ON”, you have to receive the notify, if you set the switch on OFF, i haven’t to receive the notify.
If you know how to do this, please tell me.

If a user switch on, then store device ID as value to database like firebase.

Now you can get a list of users in firebase, who wants to receive notifications with their device ID.

Now from one signal, select send to particular segment, in that select those users and send notifications.

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Do you use OneSignal for the push notifications?

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save every user sender id and than use of your need

As background notification service is possible yet in Kodular, you can use Firebase for customized notification based on the user selection.

These blocks may help you.


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Ok, i now test it! :smiley:

Thanks very much!

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