Can masks be made for the images?

Is there any way or extension to crop an image to the shape of another like a mask?
For example I have a photo and I want it to only look like that image as if it were a stain or something.

Yes, but it would be very slow, and would probably freeze your device :wink:

Provide an example image mask (as png)…

Probably the image extension and its Overlay method could help?



I no longer found what I was occupying so I will do what I wanted but in the way that it is a little worse: 'v
Thanks for the help

I have come up with a solution for you:

(not tested on Kodular)

Can a canvas be used instead of an image?
I was testing it but after cropping the image I can’t use the picture of the image or save it in another file which is what I would need.

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