Can only download HTTP/HTTPS URLs

Hi … I need help
I am using Download layout Component and the URL from

But Iget this error message althought the link works perfectly on any browser on my mobile once is added it starts to download in chrome or normal browser
But in the app I get this error message

What shall I do? or What would be the error?

What if you ask fireload? Are you spreading copyrighted material?

@Peter No…
The download works fine in any other browser on the mobile except the application

The materials are mine not copyrighted and the download is not blocked

That’s why i advised to ask fireload.

Can you show your blocks? Could it help if you set this to true?


I will try and send you a feedback …

Is it my impression or do you have a space before https?

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i have this guess also.

@alexitoo_uy @ImranTariq
I was guessing so until I set a label to the url and found that no space in there …

I will show you the blocks when I reach home.

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I tried doesn’t work

Here is the link I want to be included in the download can any one help me how I download this link using download layout and other link from this website

Thanks in advance

you link is not a direct download link, thats a website address and you need to click download button on that website, that is your problem.


I discovered this too late … but it was starting download once you click it before…
Really thanks dear for all your support.

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