Run time error, you can only download

Hello when i click on my app download button it shows you can only download http, htpps links.but it shows only a certain time & sometime no problum.if this message show i repeat clicking on button it will download & somtime i click that button this error is showing.iam using direct google drive download Link

Hi, welcome.
You can post image of button block to see what does ?
You are sure all google drive links is setup to download for any ?
What component are used to download ?

It download in most of time, sometime only it shows that error

if you only say the error it is difficult to help you.
I’m not magican or guesser. I hope that you should understand me.

This is showing some time when click on download button(not all time)

It shows that your URL might not contains the “http” or “https”. Add it.

Firebase image url .it contains https…but my problum is this error not showing all time , it happens when i click download button fastly when sceen loaded…occurs only sometimes

You can add block to check if link contains http or https them donwload else read again firebase