Can we add floating widget to our app using Kodular?

Hi there, I am developing an app and my app will become very helpful for the user if it can have a floating widget like facebook chat. So is it possible to do it with Kodular.

No currently it’s not possible

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Kodular app don’t work on background…
I think you are trying draw over other apps function…
Is it possible @Peter
(Sorry I don’t know if drawing over other apps need background run or not)

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I was just trying ask him something that I don’t know

It was my fault to tag someone who is not participated on conversation…( I won’t do it on future)

I’m disagree with you @nikhilbobade27

because we can tag people who are participated on conversation … We can tag people:upside_down_face:

I this case you don’t need to tag people because app will be don’t working in background and also not in widget

I dont know why people tags other people or write them private, if we /people want help you we will help you.
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If you want a chat that float over you app (while user does others things like read a text) I think it is possible (but I don’t know if there is already a tool for this)

But if you mean use your app while the user is at another app like whatsapp, youtube etc, no, not possible

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