Can we make a pdf view using any type of arrangement

I am making a app for which i need a method or extension so i can make a pdf view using a arrangement for offline.

Please dont post the link to deep host or taifun’s extension
I have tried them all.

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Creating a PDF file from arrangements is not that easy task.
Some HTML with JavaScript skills will be required.

Follow this topic:

Also, this has been asked before. See here:

Let me clear i don’t want to convert arrangement to pdf.
I want to convert arrangement to a pdf viewer.
In which i can view a pdf. Like a create webview extension.

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Ok, for that purpose, you have to use WebViewer.

How to view a pdf document

There are extensions too like this one:

Offline @FahadAhmad my friend.

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The 1st method by @Taifun is offline. Have you tried?

Also see this:

Does it open pdf in app or goes outside with default pdf viewer

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Thanks for all that I will try and tell you @FahadAhmad.
Thanks for your support.

It’s not working method

If it’s work for you then give us demo apk

@AvTaar now i am not near my workspace. I will let you know when i will be there.