Can you build like this extension

Dear extension builders. Can you build like this extension to do corner round bottom sheet.

Otherwise it has another way to do that

Have you ever tried with default bottom sheet?

Already plenty of extension is there to decorate the component. Pls :face_with_monocle: in our community regarding this…

I tried. But it not possible.

Did you see this??


Those are only for decorate cardview or any arrangements…
We can use it for bottom sheet.
But bottom sheet’s color in background

Yes . I saw that.but I am finding real bottom sheet. Sorry. Thanks for your suggestion.

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Did you see the second suggestion in my previous post? Apk is there , did you test it?

Yes I tested it.
But it is only arrangement.
It not bottom sheet

Yes in that arrangement you can add the remaining things what you are expecting. Such as, sign in via Google and what ever it is.

That is the very easiest one… still looking more better?

Do you want bottom sheet in that decoration or any arrangement? Or something else ??

I want real bottom sheet with top corner rounded