Padding ang Margin On CardView

Use this extention


@msr79526 How is it possible.This extension is For Button.???

(Iam not Sure)

You did not show any result. What is not working?
You should really provide something usefull instead to say “It’s not working…”

I provide the code.Now I cannot show screenshot i will add.(Phone is now :broken_heart:)

There was two extention on this for button one for arrangements

Designer Part

Annotation 2020-05-12 025112


blocks (12)


TheLayout.aia (2.1 KB)


TheLayout.apk (4.7 MB)



  • in my example CornerRadius is 50.
  • Margin bottom for card or any arrangement will be equal to negative of CornerRadius.
  • margin left and right will be -10 as card automatically have margin of 10px.
  • In above example i have taken VerticalArrangement2 whose margin bottom will be cornerRadius - 10 so that the amount of card that gone under screen will come up.

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I will Check Brooo

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Output With Your Code.

Thanks @George_Loungos It Is Working

have you followed this?

i set Radius=20

according to this margin for card will be 0,-10,-20,-10 and for VerticaArrangement margin will be 0,0,10,0

you have to follow this…

I will Check

That worked for me

set parent arrangement vertical alignment to bottom

how did you achieve this… please share the code

Well maybe it’s not only the kode. :wink:

i didn’t understand what you mean

I want to create the same thing as did but in a horizontal way