Can you help me solve this problem? screen disappears and appears three times

Can you help me solve this problem?

Provide us your error as a screenshot, there by we could be help. But providing direct aia and asking to solve us is not good for community.

The problem is when you open the application the screen disappears and appears three times and you can watch the video to understand more

Pls upload video here… Also check your clocks thoroughly. May be problem with that. If you set clock timer enabled in blocks then it should disabled in designer mode

Our community itself supports uploading files. If so why uploading in google and telling us to go there. This is our community. And you can get resolved here itself. No issue. If not post your blocks, we will suggest it

I’m sorry but I don’t know how to upload videos in the community it always gives me an error

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Uploading: InShot_٢٠٢١٠٦٢٣_٢١٠٣٥٤١٠٤.mp4…

This icon is to upload things into kodular

Is this how you explained the problem?

Show your screen initialize block… Did you checked your clock component?

I know this, but it gives me (this file is large) even though I see videos in the community that are larger than this video I upload

No, I didn’t add the clock component in Screen 2 I’m still a beginner

Can you tell me how

Sorry. Without seeing your blocks it is hard to say where is the mistake.

Screen 1 or Screen 2 What do you want


In complete upload.

@mahmowd there have been 18 posts and you haven’t even given the blocks please cooperate or else the mods will close the topic…