Can you send user to another screen after successful verification with firebase authorization

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This is a block of mobile otp verification. i want to send users to another screen after successful verification with correct code. But with this method, users can write wrong code and can go to home screen. I want to protect this way. After correct verification, users can go in the app.

You can tell me different method also if is it available.

Thank you in Advance

Do not set it here. Set the tinydb & open another screen blocks in when firebase log in successful block

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You must use Sign Up success block. It will raises when the user has entered the right otp and the sign up is success or you can use Sign Up Failed event too. It will be raised when user entered wrong otp or sign up failed due to any reason


@EduLesson Try Like this it will work



Mark Solution if this works

I’m using 2 types of login in same time

  1. Signin with gmail…
  2. then login by mobile number using otp

then i’m using 2 component of firebase authorization because if i signin success by gmail then it will take loginin by mobile number by 2nd component. And should i use 3rd extra authorization component for otp success?

if so, imagine you are using this,

  1. firebase authendication1 - sign in via gmail
  2. firebase authendication2 - sign in via OTP

if so, then

  1. firebase1 authentication1 login successful/sign in successful
    1(a)call firebase authentication2 send verification code to text otp1

  2. call verify button click
    all firebase authntication2 verify vode verify otp box

  3. firebase authentication2 sign in/log in succeful
    3(a) call tinydb store value tag(mobile number)
    value to store(phn number)
    3(b) Open another screen name (Home or something else)

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Thank You Sooo Much Bhai :heart_eyes: :heart_eyes:

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Can You Please Give me images of Blocks for a Better Understanding? Please, That will help me!

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