Firebase verify phone problem


I trying to firbase auth block. I can send a reset email and i can send a OTP sms from firebase. But i can not verfiy my OTP SMS. For example i am clicking OTP button and i am getting OTP code but when i try to verify this code my login response is failed. How can i verify my OTP code? if i wrote true,or wrong code i want change according the this actions. Here is my blocks;

did you use country code to get OTP? In the linked firebase project there must be only one app should connected, if multiple apps connected you wont be getting

I have multiple app connected in my firebase account but i can get OTP code by sms. This is not main problem. I can get the OTP code i can not verify it.

then instead of login success, try with sign up success event, there no need of if else condition, just use alert to get notification

I also tried not working.

I mean like this

My phone number can succesfully sign up to firebase. But after i got the OTP code. I want to check OTP code if true my app should open new screen if not true show message alert like a “not ok”. But for now i could not do.that

Kodular have auto read OTP system. If your device is already registered then you wont get OTP except first time, as for i know

i just want to verify my OTP code even if signep up done. But i really dont know how can i do that? is there any problem from kodular or firebase i really dont know it…

test your app with new number

Not working i already tested it.

I really dont understand what is happening for OTP code? Is there anybody can help me?