Cannot install app

cant install app after instaling


Please provide us with more details so we can figure out what’s wrong.

What does it mean? :thinking:

media.aia (640.0 KB)

Make sure that you do not have another app with the same package name installed on your phone.

I have checked you aia. App is working fine. Check if you already have the same app (package name) installed.

no i try another mobile

Another Reasons that may cause Problem to install app:

  1. Play Protect is on: That does not allow you to install any package for unknown source.
    Solution: Turn it off during installation, you can turn in on again after installation.
  2. Install Apps from unknown source is off: It will also not allow you to install Apps from unknown source. In this case you have to turn on the setting for the browser of your mobile by which the apk was being downloaded.

Example: Say you are scanning the QR code (after Building apk) to Kodular companion)/other QR code scanner to download the apk. Now notice this thing leads you to a browser where downloading turns completed. Go to settings and make sure that Install unknown apps setting is turned on. That’s it.

after the installation the images are saved on my gallery how it remove

I could not understand what are you asking? If language is the problem you may translate(from your language to english) it from Google.

Getting to know strange new problems from you! Had not heard ever before!

asking storage permission

No brother, he has language problem.

Umm! May be…

Is that bothering you?

If app need that permission app will ask for it. What’s the exact problem?

You are using Sharing component, what do you expect


Not only sharing component, even using tinyDB may also make asking permission for storage.

Problem is there are 2 kind of storage permission. READ & WRITE. :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

We don’t even know which one and why.

project images automatically saved in gallery

That may be because of:
You may have used companion before compiling it to apk. When we test any project through companion the assets get saved in our device.


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