Cant build extension in rush

 _______  _______/ /_
/ ___/ / / / ___/ __ \

/ / / // (__ / / / /
/ _,/__// //

• Build initialized

┌ Checking project files
│ erro Metadata file (rush.yml) not found
└ failed

• Build failed [0ms] [1 error]

Make sure you cd - change directory to the generated extension directory and then run rush build to compile your extension


I cant understand what you say.
Can you please explain me?

You have to run the build command in extension folder directory. At what path you’re running the command?

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Can you explain in a video please

I am running command at extension folder directory but its show same error

I having a new problem

Search it in the rush topic. This problem is posted a lot of times there.

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I cant understand where is the problem in Environment variables.

You are probably missing a path to the Java Bin directory and home.

Which Path can you say

Changing anyone of the path is okay, can you try running java -version in terminal (cmd)?

Can you follow this post to run the command javac -version

That is the problem, you have set up Java but not the compiler.

How to setup this can you say

What I can see from your previous screenshots is that you have not added the java path.

Follow the second example here (setting up javac)


Is this right

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Yes, try compiling the extension. rush build