Can't Make Button Invisible (Simple Task, But Still Not Working)

Hi, Everyone
I Have A Really Simple Problem, But It’s Just Not Working
I Have Button With Image
It’s Invisible On App Starting
When I Choose The Date It’s Appear
And If Click On That It’s Disappear Again


But For Some Reason The Size Of The Button Disappear But The Image Stays

Before It’s Appear:

After It’s Appear:

After Clicking On That It’s Kinda Half Disappear:

Notice That The “Pick Time” Button Enters the area of the image
It’s Really Simple I Do Not Know What’s Happening With That

(I Did With Photos And That To Have Easy To Understood)
Thanks Eyal


in fact this has to work you can send a simple aia file to test it

Try to disable Show Feedback:

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This function will work perfectly. Just make that button invisible with any other action. You can’t touch anything, without touching it! Right? That’s what is happening with your code.

Your code is likely sending cross instruction.

Thanks You Very Much It’s Worked

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