How do I make button visible while using only text name?

I got 21 buttons (with name P1, P2,…,P21) and a text box. When I entered a button name in text field, I want to visible that button. But I dont want to use if cycle.
For example how can I change that button name with a text string?
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Can you please make your question more clear so that we will try to help you…

Without if then block you can’t do that

this is help you as i understand

you can do all things change colour with same method

findWebview (2).aia (3.0 KB)

I will check it. Thank you so much.

Are you looking to hide all the other ones? Create a list of them all and then use “For Each Item in List”. Check each item against your criteria and hide anything that doesn’t match. You can also use this method to change the text of the one that matches. I primarily use this for tracking checkboxes on forms and updating the color of specific labels but you could use it for all sorts of things.

Same thing i demonstrate in this aia file

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As an alternate method, use LOOK UP IN PAIRS, from the lists section.
You can make the text as the key, and the associated value will be the button ID. (Thanks to @Taifun for this idea, long time ago).