Can't open makeroid companion live test apk

hi. makeroid companion live test not workin on my phone samsung a8 and j2 prime. after scan automatically closing makeroid companion apk. i downloaded from play store. now i can’t test my app.

We know that the companion have some bugs.
But you can always test your app as apk on your real device.


how is that? explain please . thank you.

Hello @aziz_s,

There is an orientation bug with the Companion. Please after scanning the QR Code on your computer, keep your device vertical. Otherwise, the app will immediately close (crash in another way).

As @Mika wrote here

the companion has bugs and Developers are always working on fixing them. As all Developers working on Makeroid are students (including me :slight_smile:), they don’t have much time so they need time fixing them.

Please try my suggestion and if it doesn’t work, inform me.

Can you try this.


thanks you so much

No problem :slight_smile:.

Please let me know if you have any other issues related to Makeroid.

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for now alright .thanks

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