Can't Play Music Directly From Airtable Attachments

Hi Dear Community, i try to play music directly from airtable attachments using taifun player but failed, is something wrong with my blok?

You have not table the MP3 URL instead it takes the whole table data if so how could it happen?

I try with url at cloudinary and it work fine, but if i try to play directly, it failed

I not take the whole table data, i pick from attachments columns and index selection

As you can see attachments comes in json format, you have to extract url from json

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Tq, i will try use json

Why have you also asked this question on the Thunkable forum here?

Actually i ask kodular question to thunkable, because i use kodular, got many answer is better​:joy:

Spamming forums is unethical, ask your questions in the forum of the builder you are using.

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Ok, i don’t know that…

Still can’t play the music, anything wrong with my blok? @dora_paz


You got your answer already . See the global variable of attachment. It does not have list items instead it is having table values in JSON format… see to that part and make sure it contains only required col datas

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You have called the subtitle instead of taking URL. See to that too

While creating list in collintree first item is for image, but you have added title, so it won’t work. Second item will act as title and third item only subtitle. So cross check your global variables

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Ok, tq for your explanation @Still-learning :+1:

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@Still-learning still cannot play, what should i do?


Make sure you are taking the exact playback URL…

So i can’t play a music file from airtable attachments? And have to use url to another storage like cloudinary?

give me your music url

I dont want to use url, i want play the music store in airtable attachments, is that possible with kodular app?

Besides global filename you have to get url

Then set source

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