Cant remove screen

i import screen but its file was wrong . it doesnt work.i try remove system says : An internal error has occurred. Report a bug? so i cant remove. please help me

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It may be because of screen which you have import. The import is created either on thunkable or applybuilder. The screen contains components that are not available on Kodular.

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Or you have used a extension on that screen that is not in your project.

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you can delete that by editing your aia in win rar.

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Export Your Project .aia and chance Extensions .aia to .zip and Open .zip file in Winrar and delete Screen Like (ScreenDelete.bky file and ScreenDelete.scm) the errored screen. And Rename Your Project .zip to .aia and Import Your Project .aia in Kodular.


To remove one or more screens, it is not necessary to rename “aia” to “zip”:


I import appybuilder's screen. They use admob.aix but we use different admob aix for this . That is error. İf i import admob.aix ,it can be right ?

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#kodular and #appybuilder can’t accept Advertisement Extentions.

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Finally that someone mention this :+1:


If i want to copy Screen can it work same way.

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Yes :grin:


you might wnt to read this



I used this method but now when I import project it shows me error that project files are aia files.

Which method and which error?

This method to remove screen

@Sherpuraala As I have shown in the video there is no need for renaming aia to zip. Which error (message)?

Ok, I will follow your video. And thanks for helping.

Will It Work If i Import File to assets folder