Can't type in text box

i export my apk file and send it to my friend to test my app and they could type in the textbox but my phone cant (i have to copy the number first and then paste it, which means it was not disabled, just keyboard problems)

but other textboxs works fine.

but now my friend cant type into that text box anymore.

here’s my aia file
Lonesters (1).aia (1.0 MB)

this is the screen that we no longer can type in

I tested your app on companion & also downloaded it but the text-boxes worked fine for me.

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yea it happened randomly so i’m pretty confused :sob:

This part has to be scrollable for it to work as you want it.


Btw, this is how your app looks on my phone

i couldn’t find the scrollable button for that page viewer

the screen has already been set as scrollable in the beginning

please help me :sob:

See in this one how I did it. Lonesters1.aia (1.0 MB)