I cannot write in the textbox, the keyboard want not open (is not visible)

hello guys, i dont know what i do or did wrong i have some textboxes in my layout but if i clickon it i dont see the keyboard. I can click on it but nothing happend. I did notchange anything but since today the keyboard dont load. and it worked before.
it is my login screen where i have the text boxes. All textboxes are actived and visible. there is nothing what i can do. i tested it in companion and on a apk but the textbox dont oepn the keyboard to write. what can i do now.
pls hek´lp

Make sure the keyboard in your phone try to change the keyboard to Google original in your phone
In addition, a cat should be sent to the worker

@plang58 try to create a simple new AIA with just a textbox and the keyboard.

That will eliminate if it is a problem with a unique keyboard. If it does not popup, then you can do some adb logs and we can help you out.

If that does work however, let us know. I have some ideas on what to do then.

Pressing on the text box shows the keyboard