Keyboard does not appear

I put the webview component in the create custom dialog component.
and the keyboard does not appear.
see this picture !

what is my mistake?

you can show your blocks, sometime our/my keyboard lags sometimes.

can you provide your aia or apk, maybe I can help you :grinning:

Its simple, when you show custom dialog, simultaneously call “show keyboard” from screen1 blocks.

YtLogin (4).apk (5.2 MB)

it will display the keyboard behind the dialog.
I’ve tried it.

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Then dont use custom dialog to show web view, use arrangement for that.

I do not understand, can you give an example for me?

just i can past and keyboard does not work, can you show your other screen blocks.
Even custom dialog is not working properly

I mean, dont use notifier to show web view.

Just load it in arrangement like vertical arrangement

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problem only on this screen.

and it is not possible for me to show blocks for other screens because they contain important API information

you can blur your api and post your blocks here

This makes the design less attractive.

or is there another solution?

First you have to give importance to logic if logic works then you can make ui attractive.

But here your logic is not working. So you have to drop it.

Try as i said, you can also make it attractive by using card view.

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