When I type @hotmail and @gmail inside the text box, the text is deleted

I can write anything in the text box, but; When I try to type @hotmail or @gmail, the text box gets deleted. If I change the input type to normal and email, the result changes. Thank you in advance for your help.

textboxerror.apk (5.2 MB)

post your aia if possible

Uploading: textboxerror.aia…

I don’t have this problem when I use the companion.

What did you set the input type for the text box?

Hi, I logged in with normal login at the top and email below.

I sent it in Aia format, but; It still shows loading.

Does this happens even on a real device

Btw, can you reupload your aia

Uploading: textboxerror.aia…

I just tried companion vs Bluestack as well. I did not download and run apk on my phone.

Try it, as I think it’s a bluestacks issue

I think there will be an installation error again. I actually created a new project to show you. I put two text boxes and I didn’t create anything in the block part.

what is the size of your aia? and be quite untill it shows uploaded url in text editor window and then click submit

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I’ll try on the phone too. Thank you for giving a time.

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… I create a test aia and set @ in the field of TB . work without any error try blocks when any text box changed set text box text = @ and add the last and first text manually?!