Makeroid Companion StackOverflow On Text Input!

hello i am making a app with makeroid and do live test with makeroid companion. but when i want to input some text in text box then companion stop and makeroid show this error.

If I may ask… How much did you type into the Text Field?

when type 1st word then its compainoin stop working also my phone hang and after some time this error show on makeroid

Your issue is that you may have to many frames trying to load and it’s trying to load an extra 8 MB which it can’t… Try to delete an arrangement or something that’s 8 MB and test again.

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Please provide the .aia file.
It will help us to solve your problem.

its done

problem in blobk i am trying to do next when press enter.
now it work properly ehen i remove this block


You may wanna have it so that On Text Changed, If contains text search_box.text, piece \n then set search_box.text to " "



This is a pretty efficient solution, @Surendra_Parihar.


yes thanks you all for help

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