CardView LongClick bug

Long Click on Card View doesn’t work.
Same thing happens when long clicking on other arrangements that are clicked in Designer tab as “is Card”.


welcome to Community,

yes its not working, @KodularCreator can you check that please?


Hello @Kodular,

I noticed that the generic block “when any Card View.LongClick” is not working yet. Please, you would have some opinion on the rectification of this bug, I believe that this functionality for Card View is very pertinent.
Thanks so much!


@KodularCreator is a bot account
Instead mention @Kodular (staff account)

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Hello @Kodular,
Sorry to be insistent but i’m creating an app and it got to the part that i need the Long Click function for Card View. Could you help me rectifying the bug in this function, please?


We fixed the bug for next release.

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When will the next update released?
Any new features?

There is no release day yet.
Should be only a bug fix release. Can’t tell more.


Disappointed with your reply

Disappointed to get a response from a developer? Developers are working every day to make Kodular as great as they can and still it seems not enough for some users. They do that in their free time outside of work and school.

What if developers stop working on Kodular or shut the project down because they loose their interest because of responses like this? Is that what you want?

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I did not mean that…
Kodular team is working very hard…
I thought it will be a big update next to Eagle

I always love Kodular :heart: