Change status bar icon color


I creating a white backgroud app. so i have to change my status bar color to also white. but when i do so, the colors of icons on status bar remains at white, hence affecting the visibility. How can i change the icon color to dark?

This may help you,

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You can use this block:

Setting it to false will mane the status bar icons dark.
Note : you will need to use it with a timer in order to work properly, see also here :slightly_smiling_face::

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Thank you very much,But the extension is not working when i export the app to apk. Yet it is working fine on the companion app. Why is that?

this obviously is a question to the author of that extension…


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it’s weird if you say my extension doesn’t work, btw, what is your android version?
Can you show me how you use the block from my extension?

@Salman_Dev there is nothing wrong with your extension but it works somewhat different in Kodular, see suggestion in post 3.


it’s working fine in kodular companion. But when the app is exported, it doesnt work. and, i use galaxy s9 with android 10.

yeah, I think so

okay now i get a solution for my extension working with Kodular :star_struck:

@Seller_Newbie you just need to change the Minimum SDK to Android 7.0 (API 24)
and I’m sure my extension will work, because I tested it with Minimum API 19 and it didn’t work and after I replaced the minimum SDK with API 24 it worked :star_struck: :+1:t2:

Ok. Will check… :+1:t2:

oh no, even though the icon doesn’t change color :sweat_smile:
But the background can be transparent

I seem to be talking to deaf ears…

you are weird

Solution to your issues exist in this topic…

i was actually checking the blocks. But it still not working…Capture2

yes, I know but I’m confused with (Screen Initalize)

Do i have to put timer?

yeah, i think