Change status bar icon color

okay now i get a solution for my extension working with Kodular :star_struck:

@Seller_Newbie you just need to change the Minimum SDK to Android 7.0 (API 24)
and I’m sure my extension will work, because I tested it with Minimum API 19 and it didn’t work and after I replaced the minimum SDK with API 24 it worked :star_struck: :+1:t2:

Ok. Will check… :+1:t2:

oh no, even though the icon doesn’t change color :sweat_smile:
But the background can be transparent

I seem to be talking to deaf ears…

you are weird

Solution to your issues exist in this topic…

i was actually checking the blocks. But it still not working…Capture2

yes, I know but I’m confused with (Screen Initalize)

Do i have to put timer?

yeah, i think


Timer interval 50-250

FYI, you could have found this information in post 3

@Seller_Newbie it will work with clock

Ok. Will check it

@Seller_Newbie I have tried my extension with this way and it worked perfectly :


Timer Interval = 200

:heart_eyes: :+1:t2:

And now try without this one


I have tried your way before and your way did not work @Boban :sweat_smile:

If so then timer is to low, I have it on 250…

I’m 200, and 200 works faster and perfect