Chatview need help

hello community can somebody explain me how do i get my chat to run with the blocks. i know that i have to use firebase but i dont know how to wor with the blocks. if i wantto add a msg i get only the component add a msg cannmot accept the number of arguments. I wirked around with variables strings and some other things but i get only this argument. I need some info how to work with that component because it is a useful feature and i want to use it in my app.

You should share some of your blocks!

i have no blocks any more because i dont get it to work… i dont know how to display anything in the view. if i use any component i get i think all errors that you can get. I wanted to start with add a msg to the view but it is equal what i put into the component i get error for all things. You can let the field for user image, title,timestamp and so on empty if you want but if i fo that i get the error: wrong argument (empty stimg) if i write noting into it. If i put any in i get thge same erorr. I know how to make a simple chat with firebase. But i have no plan for howto work with that component. It is equal what i do i get only error and i see the chatview with a empty background. I played around the whole afternoon now and i have nothing what works.

Ok, I have not used it yet, but I will have a look tomorrow and see if I find out something for you :blush:

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thanks that sounds great. i wish you good luck

I’m sorry, have been playing around with this for about 1 hour, but I can’t find a way for this to work. I think it’s wierd that it’s coming without an example.

Could you please give one @KodularCreator @Diego ?

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ok now i know that i am not the stupid. Nothing works really nothing. What you do is false with the blocks. I tried the component with when data changed from firebase, i tried it with a button and a text block to get a msg into the view. And a lot of other things that i tried out but as i told really nothing works. Thanks for your help. Hope the staff have some information for us.

@Mika Can you share the sample AIA you shared with us for the demo?


yes please this will help a lot and this is a useful component because to have a professional looking view for chats. This let the whole App look better and more professional. Thanks if we can have a aia or a tutrial for the block components.

And next time dont say again you tried it without showing us what you tried.
You only said it is not working, but not what you have tried.


thanks for that help with that. but i need to say something. I played around a complete afternoon but i dont bring it to work.i dont ask for help if i didnt tried it. My problem was that i dont used a procedure and i dont worked with a tiemstamp. Same for user id.

I can say thank you again This aia is a little help for me now i play around since a while to get it to work with firebase.

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How save chat value n fairbase

I’ve posted a “guide” for this 5 min ago, but it’s not approved yet, I will share link when it’s published by a moderator :slight_smile:

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Have a look there :+1:


Why this error

Because you try to get a list of 3 when you only have 1.
Show your blocks please!

I see you are using my example of getting image from assets, is this correct for you?
I have only my family as users and store the pictures of my family in assets, that’s why I’ve done it like that. It might be that whats giving you the error?

Ok so what good for me, give me some ideas

Well, first you can add a picture into assets with ex. name.png and then add that as picture and see how it works. If there is still error it’s something else :slight_smile: