ChatView Swipe component

Has anyone got the swipe function in ChatView to work? I want to delete messages with ChatView component instead of use with only Firebase component.

Here’s the latest try with blocks, and the Swipe is enabled in Designer:


Could you please give me some help @Mika?
No matter what I do, I can’t make the swipe to work, even with blocks or with none.

I have tried with Swipe enabled in Deigner, and with it disabled together with blocks to set it enabled true when click into Chat-page.

As creator of this component, do you have any idea what I’m doing wrong?

Maybe you should see what directions you can swipe instead of 1 or 2.

Well, the component tip sais to use 1 for swipe left to right and 2 for swipe right to left. That 's why I use Get Direction and if 1 or if 2 then…

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Now I’ve also tested this:

But this does also not work. Any idea to share Component maker @Mika?

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Maybe a bug.
But I have current no time to look into it

Ok, I’m looking forward to an update on this Component so that it can work as planned :slight_smile:

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i work on it too if i have it i let you know it. I have successful implemented that you can send pictures from you gallery and from the cam if you need it. For send other files the solution is he same like for pictures. If you need that, tell it me. And i work on the permission for signed people. Means you can only read and write into the chat/send data, if a user is signed up on the database.

I fixed the swipe bug for the next update.


If i can ask, when does this update come.? Near future because than i wait with pubish my app because i will be finished this weekend.

You Can Checkout :-

@ujjwaljain604 Dont spam the community with links to your topic…

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