Chat view click,swipe,double tap not working

I’m currently working on a chat system in my application and I am using chat view but chats click, swipe, double tap is not working.I have enabled everything in property How I can fix it?

And you enabled it in the designer properties?

I have enabled everything in property

How do you know that clicks are not working?
I can’t see that you use the event?

Blocks are working but the chat view doesn’t show any ripple effect or swipe effect on clicking or swiping

That’s no bug.
The reason of this > this is not integrated current.

I use the “click chat view” block to display picture messages on the image component. but when I click a text message that does not have a picture message, the command displays the image in the image component. Is there a way I click on a particular message to run the command to display the image on the image component? I beg for your guidance …

The UI of this app looks good. :+1::+1:

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i’m also not able to click on the message.i mean,i made a real time chat application with using chat view but there no particular option to click on the sending message or on the receiving message.

do you have any solution ?

how can i made them clickable ?

does this still contains a bug?

Enable it at designer screen

how can i make an id for many texts in chat view add messages?

ID = number

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hmm. i had to make many chat messages so how many blocks should i make? or how can i add so many numbers?

this does not works for me. in this i add a notification button which add a text message but while swiping it, it does not removed

There exist also a search function:

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