Checking Item From List(Not Working!)

I am trying to check whether the item is there in the list or not but it is giving me error please help

you should do this

no i can’t do that i am trying to get all the data from airtable and filtering the required items .

Reply please

Why not be patient?

Why don’t you try this?

I think you are not getting list after using select list item
Try to show it in a list view and see what happens

as @vknow360 said, i think that is not a valid list

The operation “select list item” does not return a list, it returns an item. Unless your filter_list is a list of list, then any item returned will NOT be in the form of a list.

You have the value “3 4 5 6 (…) 14 15 16” returned from the “select list item”, the question is what did you put in that list?
Is this a string that contains several characters, some of which could be interpreted as numbers?
In which case, you should not use a list item checker to locate it.

You problem is a bit deeper in your code. The error only manifested itself there, but it is rooted in the way the components were populated, which was done in a manner that make them incompatible with list processing functions.

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