Checking the possibilities for an NFC/Barcode App and request for programming

Hello everyone.
I’m new here and have already tested Kodular a bit. Looks very good. I would like to make an APP, but I’m not sure if it’s technically possible with Kodular. Maybe someone here can help for this question?
The APP should do the following functions.

  1. Request and download a csv file with email (always the same name).
  2. Write from csv file to the internal database (DB1).
  3. if new upload, overwrite all existing data in internal database
  4. NFC and barcode scanning
  5. Check data after scan with internal database and write a new data record in another database or table (DB2).
  6. Export of internal database (DB2) as csv file via FTP upload
  7. Setting for e-mail, FTP upload fixed in one menu.

That would be the basic functions. I have also created a specific requirement document for this. But first I want to know is this possible with kordular?

I am also looking for a programmer who can program the basic functions for me. Then I can do the fine work afterwards.