Clock component

Hello dear community!

I just would like to know how many Clock can i run in the same time without any problem?
I use the clock for animation and i’m really intrested about how many can i run at once.
Did some1 checked it early this solution?

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For what you need thousand of clocks?

For animation as i said before.

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How many clocks are you talking about and for which animations?

I dont know the exactly number of the usage. maybe 10~15. For example player movement in 2d view with 5~6 enemies with movement on the screen

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Ok, so where is the problem?

Yes, you can add clocks as you want.

I have tried 5 clocks, simultaneously, no problem in working but a bit of a delay.
A code of 3 blocks takes approx. 20 millis to execute (again depends what it is performing), so more the number of blocks, more will it lag.


Thanks for the correct answer. I just got the answer to my question.


Then, Mark as solved.


It depends on the device.

Pixel 2XL (Android 11):

Xiaomi Redmi Note 5 (Android 9):