CloudDB Error handling

Hello experts,
I use the CloudDb to map highscore. I use a Redis database from Redislab. It works fine.
But if I don’t have an internet connection, the app returns a CloudDb error, even though I ask about the connection to the cloud beforehand.

Does anyone know what to do?

For error handling I have to use the following:
What do I have to set so that no message is displayed?

last question : :slight_smile:

Access to the clouddb in the mobile network works.

With many at home in the WiFi router, internet access is usually allowed (port 80?) But other ports are closed (security). Therefore the app does not work. Is there a possibility to access the Clouddb (Redislab) via the “normal” internet protocol and not via a special port?


does nobody have an idea how I can display the cloud error message only once?


does nobody have the same problem that the clouddb port is blocked in the home network, but internet access works?

The official language here is English, could you please translate your post.
Edit: thanks!

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