CloudDB Hosting

Is there is free CloudDB hosting? I know RedisLab. its have 30 connection limit for free plan and its not usefull for us!searchin/mitappinventortest/redis|sort:date/mitappinventortest/JcVDvm0HJTs/FZCDL_RoEAAJ

Do you guys recommed any other service? Can we host it on free web hosting provider?

Any free service will be very limited. They only exist to attract clients so they migrate to paid plans.
If you want a good host you must pay for this. There are probably cheap plans that will work very well for you.

But if you insist at free hosts, you can use different free hostings, each one for a different thing or save all the data at all the hosts, and when host 1 is close to limit you use host 2, then host 3 etc

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Do you recommed any hosting? I already host my website but i think i cant install redis to my hosting ı m wrong?

I don’t know what is your host, man, contact your support and they will confirm it to you. But I believe you can use Redis at most of the hosting providers.

I use DigitalOcean (if you want I can send you my affiliate link and you get 10$ to test the service (and I get 25$ if you spend more than 25$)

OVH and Linode are good calls too, I like DO more because we find tons of tutorials on the internet.

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