Cloudinary doubts

addylin i should use only one image componenet and if i uploaded image to cloudinary then 2 image components should created

example : if i have 1 image in cloudinary one image component and if i have 2 image in cloudinbary then the image component should be cloned and display both image

That’s what



With the in built Cloudinary component in Kodular, you can not get images from Cloudinary. You can only upload image to Cloudinary.

addy can you give me links of those extension and correct blocks image for referance because im new to dynamic components

ill use firebase database

Search in Community you will get more than what you are willing to.

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addy blocks by you please

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This post was flagged by the community and is temporarily hidden.

I have created in my app with these blocks

Output u can edit them according to ur mind

I have created images in a card view


please give aia file

Sorry friend its my client app
but I have give u all block
Just drag the image in ur workspace

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i need to explore the project

sorry i cant


kindly remove a;ll important data and please give aia

let me doing

you have any other aia like this app

Just wait I am posting

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mm thnx frnd

it is not that aia but full copy of that screen

cloudinary.aia (238.5 KB)