How to code blocks with the link for an image stored in Cloudinary?

Hi everyone there!
I’m an absolute begginer, so i’ll appreciate comprehension
I’ve not found any useful help in forum, but here are my apologies if i didn’t look for it rightly

I’ve stored some images at Cloudinary

I picked up their urls and inserted them in Realtime Database in Firebase

Here the database and cloudinary properties in my Kodular project

I coded my blocks in this way:

But, after checking all a lot of times, it doesn’t work, images don’t appear in my app at any way, either by Companion, either built in apk

Where am i wronged? :pensive: :thinking:

Thanks in advance!

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This is your solution
Your link must be in "\"your image link\""

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Thanks lot Sumit !

I’ll try your tip right now!

(edited bit later)
Just tried it and still doesn’t work, :thinking: :slightly_frowning_face: i think it’s about code of the block…

Now i’m trying to code the block cloudinary media uploaded
(edited later 2nd)
I’ve noticed that the block cloudinary media uploaded is used after using upload media block… :pensive: :roll_eyes: and i’ve stored my images there by picking and loading up from my device…

What can i do?
All kind of tips will be warmly appreciated

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When you get the URL in the got value event use this if the problem with " " still persists.

Thanks Atharva

I’ve tried it both ways, with full length and length - 2
Results are the same and no change occurred

Screenshots are here:

First one shows the wanted effect as a background for my app project
Last one shows the effect what i get, the same in both cases, no matter if i’m using Kompanion or built in apk. (edited) And the text at bottom shows the URL picked in the code block

Any tips will be appreciated in advance!

Can you share the link to the image so i can check in my test app

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And i’ve just noticed that the link works rightly here as you can see

Try this

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No changes at all

Try using on a image component once
and also give the result you get the link from the code

Done it, no changes at all

Screen on kompanion shows exactly the same, even the link at bottom as before it showed

Then there’s nothing wrong with the code, it might be your device cause with the same link i could see the original photo on companion

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Ok thanks.

What could be wrong in my phone?

In the meanwhile i’ll try all of this in another phone

(edited) With Kompanion absolutely nothing changed in my other phone… :pensive: :slightly_frowning_face:

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Can you send the aia ill check it

Well, in fact i only am using the following blocks to check the matter

Therefore, here is the .aia

parejas.aia (28.5 KB)

I’m getting no value whatsoever.

What does it mean?
Do you mean you get the same result that i get?

That’s incredible but it already works!
I can’t believe what was the problem and the solution!
Just deselected checkbox for High Quality Images in Advanced Screen1 Properties!!

Problem solved. Looking for next one! :smile: :laughing:

You can also store your files in firebase storage

Hi Moula
Yes, i know Firebase Storage, that’s what i tried for a long but didn’t get any success despite I followed tips in a topic here in the forum firebase-storage-a-guide-for-beginners